Hi my name is Jess Trost and I run Ghetto Dance Academy.
Ghetto was born in 2008 and I’ve been teaching dance for the past 17 years.
I am a trained Dance Instructor, qualified to teach up to the level of VET in schools through Australian Dance Institute.
My mission for Ghetto was and always will be to teach students how to dance in a fun, positive, nurturing, kind and inclusive environment!
Here is a little more info on...

Ghetto Dance Academy prides itself on a passion based environment where students can come along and learn the art of dance in a non competitive setting. We are all here for the same reason and that is because we love to dance. Ghetto is an environment where we don't compare or compete with others or each other, but share our passion for dance and just have fun doing so!

There are so many influences these days to be the best and have the best and constantly strive for the best so I wanted to create a space where people can leave that behind and from the moment you step into our studio you will feel welcomed, accepted and valued as part of the team!! It’s not about being the best as we believe each and everyone has their own talent and brings their own little flavour of character to the dance floor.

Ghetto is a nurturing environment for your child to grow and learn in a positive environment where they know they aren’t going to be judged by others. We are all about encouraging each other and giving each other support. Building life long friendships and building little characters of a encouraging, supportive, kind, creative, inspiring and positive nature!
Our classes are full of giggles and fun and I can guarantee you will leave the studio feeling positive and included.

As adults we have so many tabs open throughout the day and Ghetto is your space to come and leave your cares behind. Dance away the worries of your day and again we can guarantee you will leave the studio feeling so much better than when you arrived.
It’s a place to shake your booty and get fit, work up a sweat and pirouette, but most of all, have fun and FEEL welcomed and at home. A positive environment with a shared interest for dance and fun!

We are trained and qualified in safe dance practices and your child will learn certified dance techniques, but most importantly, in a nurturing environment with the emphasis being “Dance is about FEELING good and having FUN!”

As mentioned before we are non competitive. We do however believe that performance is such a wonderful way to build self esteem and confidence. So we hold an end of year concert each year.
Our students perform the routines they have learned throughout the year, for friends and family at a theatre in Hobart. The students are all then rewarded for their wonderful performance efforts and commitment to class for the year by each receiving a medal.
Our senior students also have their own performance night aswell. Family and friends are invited along for a night of entertainment in a relaxed and fun setting without the “concert vibe”
Just an evening of fun, boogying and laughs!!
The performance part is all about fun and building self confidence!

Please get in touch and we can discuss what classes we have available that would be suited to you!

Please wear activewear to dance class along with socks and joggers and remember to bring a water bottle.
If you have dance shoes please feel free to wear them, but by no means do you need them!

We get you to pay as you come for the first two classes and make sure you like it. Then if you’re keen to continue, we invoice you for the remainder of the term upfront.
Terms run with the school terms.
If you need to work out a payment plan, please just come and have a chat with me.
Please remember that all missed classes must still be paid for.

The only other fees are costume fees which we raise funds throughout the year to try to keep these fees to a minimum. Costume fees are given out throughout term 3 and 4 to save a lump payment near Christmas time.

For all the break dancers!!
We ask that you participate in a hip hop group class with Ghetto which includes break dancing.  Break requires a high level of strength and agility which you will gain the foundation skills in hip hop classes first! We will be running Break workshops throughout the year so check out our social media accounts to be updated with those!

Our terms run with the school terms.
The only public holiday we take is Good Friday.
Other than Good Friday we continue to dance on the public holidays as normal.

We ask students to get involved as much as possible in our fundraising. From selling chocolates to your neighbours, to coming along and supporting movie nights and discos.
All of the funds raised go to the costume fund to keep fees to a minimum for parents and students.

If you made it this far then I think you’re set!! 😉
Our Ghetto family can’t wait to meet you and look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon!

Much Love xx
Jess Trost - Ghetto Dance Academy

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Ghetto Dance Academy is owned and operated by Jess Trost – accredited by Australian Dance Institution (ADI) and qualified in Safe Dance Practices.

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